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Special utensils for makeing Thai desserts

Special utensils for makeing Thai desserts

Brass wok

   Brass wok: Because of the special characteristic of preserving the fragrance and color of Thai desserts, a brass wok or Kratha Thawng”-named following raw material found in its manufacture is a utensil for producing Thai desserts. There are two kinds regarding brass woks: handle and grip. The handle woks is usually found in the all kitchen equipment stores.

2.5"Small porcelain cups

1"Small porcelain cups
     Small porcelain cups: You can find tiny cups used as molds for steamed desserts, like Steamed Pandan Coconut Pudding (Khanom Thuay). The small cup is about size approximately 2.5” (inches) in diameter and the tiny size is approximately 1” shape same as a Chinese tea cup. This cup would be the utensil always used for making steamed desserts. There are 2 types of thimble cups: porcelain and metal. The porcelain cup normally has a smooth edge so your pudding can be easily taken out of the cup. The metal cup is rather bigger, its shape is just like a muffin cup, is actually a smooth or perhaps wavy edge. This cup is usually used to be a jelly mold. 

Steaming dessert pan

   Steaming dessert pan: A square aluminum container used by steamed and baked desserts. Its 2 handles for uncomplicated removal at a steamer. The normal sizes are 12”x 12” and also 13”x 13” square by close to 2”-3” deep. Normally the chief cook will steam or bake the desserts with this pan before cutting the finished products in to the small square shape pieces available for sale or any kind of shape for dishes. Using the introduction of the latest technology, heat-resistant steam able plastic pan are actually readily available. A great steaming pan should use a proper square shape and also a flat base, to ensure that the baked dessert may have an even fullness. However, a cake pan is the most effective substitute if you don't possess a steaming pan.


   Steamer: It is the really essential equipment utilized in a Chinese kitchen's for steaming. It contains a base, one particular or more steaming trays (which is often added depend for the requirement), and also a lid. The base is being a deep pot with only 2 handles, the steaming trays are circle trays with holes openings punched throughout the base for let the hot steam heat through, and the lid is a retinal cone-shape cover. To make use of, the cooking will fill ¾ on the steamer bottom with water and place the steamer above the heat. In the event the water system is hot, a steaming dessert pan is placed within the tray that is placed in the domestic hot water within the base. Cover the lid tightly, and steam prior to the dessert is cooked through. The metal steamer is widely used because it is usually heated speedily and it is easy to manage. However, those crafted from bamboo, which can be usually helpful to steam Dim-Sum, will also be acceptable.

Khrawng Khraeng press

   Khrawng Khraeng press: This is the wooden stick; smooth on one side and fluted on the other instrument. It is helpful to make Mock Ark Shells (Khrawng Khraeng). A tiny area of dough is pressed onto the fluted side and rolled to type a curl. Alternative, the rear of your fork may be used to achieve the same result.
Fragrant candle
   Fragrant candle : The mix of bees, wax and various aromatic elements, is oftentimes often known asYlang-Ylang candle”. It's used to smoke Thai cookies, for example Flower-shaped Cookies (Khanom Dawk Lamduan). The desserts are put inside a big container, with a properly in the center. A candle lies in a small bowl and lit up for a couple of seconds, then snuffed out and positioned in this container. The lid is closed closely and also the container featuring its items over-night.

Banana leaf

   Banana leaf : A very useful plant within the Thai kitchen; the complete plant can supply from fruit to stem. Ripe banana could be eaten fresh, green bananas and also the stem might be included in curries. The leaves can be utilized as containers for curried mousse, or Steamed Banana Cake. They're the proper liners for a steaming tray. They may be folded to create funnels or equally wrappers. For wrappers, clean the banana leaf which has a humid towel, tear into pieces with regards to 7”-8” wide, lay one within the other, and employ to wrap types of desserts for instance Glutinous Rice Stuffed with Banana, etc.

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